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Industrial Boiler Monitoring

This alert system aimed to facilitate a rapid response from the engineers, allowing them to address the issue swiftly and minimize production downtime. By receiving immediate notifications, the engineers could take proactive measures to diagnose and resolve the problem, ensuring that the boiler is restored to operational status as quickly as possible.

The customer required a simple solution to monitor the health of their Boiler and ensure they had a full head of pressure to run their factory. The simple solution was to monitor the Line pressure and monitor if this dropped. Giving a rapid alarm that the Maintenance department could react to.

Using our simple to install Equipment Gateway. Reading a pressure transmitter and sending the data to the Listo:Portal via either GSM or Ethernet.

Whenever a boiler tripped the customer needed an alert to enable them to respond rapidly.

The system's advantages

  • The AGAD Portal product gives a complete site monitoring solution.
  • Harvesting relevant data from our intelligent interface modules or customers' equipment and storing the information on the Listo:Cloud, placing all data in a central location for viewing and exporting to other packages.
  • It provides Real-time and historical, user-friendly, observation and interrogation of information, viewable on any web-enabled device.
  • This was a simple application that required boiler pressure monitoring with alert notification capability.
  • Data is sent to the Listo:Portal for storage to enable monitoring and trending of boiler pressure.
  • Email and SMS alerts were set up and activate when Low Pressure is identified.
  • An analog module and a pressure transmitter were fitted to the system.
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