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Tank Monitoring with no Infastructure?

The monitor is powered by two 18650 rechargeable batteries, these are charged by a Solar panel, giving continuous power with no need for a cabled power source. The unit uses a GSM module to provide a Network connection to the Cloud Portal.

To save power the unit powers up the sensors at an interval, take a reading and then transmit to the Portal. The unit can be used to monitor parameters on a tank, for example temperature or level. There are also four digital inputs that can be used for events or alarms, for example door open, tank High Level, Bund High Level.

Example Applications

  • Remote tank monitoring without local power
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Tank temperature monitoring
  • Bund and tank overflow/spill detection

The system's advantages

  • The AGAD Portal product gives a complete site monitoring solution.
  • Harvesting relevant data from our intelligent interface modules or customers' equipment and storing the information on the Listo:Cloud, placing all data in a central location for viewing and exporting to other packages.
  • It provides Real-time and historical, user-friendly, observation and interrogation of information, viewable on any web-enabled device.
  • The Listo Solar Powered Tank Monitor is perfect for applications where there is no local power available.
  • The unit is rechargeable-battery powered with solar charging and GSM Cloud connection
  • Data is sent to the Listo Portal for storage to enable real-time monitoring and trending of the system
  • Email and SMS alerts can be programmed to activate when 'Tank Low Level' and other defined parameters are identified.
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