Listo are pleased to annouce we are now the all-Ireland distributor for Opensoft Systems' Active Virtualisation Software (AVS).  AVS continues to provide companies with a complete data and SCADA application recovery system for their plant systems, providing a secure solution for plant critical control applications and a fast and reliable means of application and data recovery.

What is Active Virtualisation Software?

Active Virtualisation Software is software compatible with any Windows based Operating System. It is commonly installed on a Windows based PC or Server and provides a virtualised operational instance of your plant Master SCADA and View clients, these applications are stored within the software as required. The software passively monitors your operational clients storing key data recorded within them, such as historical trend and alarm information.

The system works in two key ways. Firstly, it acts as an active recovery system in the event of a system or hardware failure. PC’s can fail and often do for a variety of reasons, the most frequent fault being hard drive errors often resulting in total failure of the PC and inoperability of the SCADA application. AVS software allows your SCADA application to be recovered quickly and easily without the need for application expertise.



Simply connect the new PC hardware to the same network connection as the failed machine, download the virtualised new client session from the AVS software and the client is up and running, fully plant operational. There is no communications software to install, traditionally communications drivers can prove very troublesome to configure and get operational. The system requires no SCADA software to install, no Windows operating system or service packs to deploy or SCADA application to load and configure. In short, making application recovery a smooth process.

Secondly, AVS can be used to provide you with a solid Upgrade route for your SCADA applications on site. The software allows you to replace ageing hardware and Windows operating systems by running your existing application within a Virtualised container.

The added benefits are clear; No added maintenance in installing SCADA software or SCADA service packs and an immediate means of system recovery in the event of failure.

Download - AVS System Failure Brochure or AVS Upgrade Brochure



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